Consulting & Support

Regardless of your occupation, we believe that as stewards of God's blessings, our first duty is to bring honor and glory to Him with all we do. We're developing courses that will teach the basic principles the Bible teaches to guide our decisions in managing all that is in our lives with godly wisdom.

Education & Planning

Our support services help you strategically develop methods to accomplish the goals that would improve the quality of your life and the lives of those you share your world with.

Legal Coverage

As a LegalShield Independent Associate, we can connect you to legal counsel and services for a low monthly price. This brings you huge value at reasonable costs.

Our Work & Motivation

Brother Ben’s mission is to empower others to overcome the overwhelming obstacles that prevent them from improving and developing their quality of life. Our first and foremost objective is to give hope. Our hope is to help at least 40 people each year to realize that there is hope in their seemingly hopeless situations. The sad reality is that hope usually reflects financial health. We specialize in Christian stewardship, which is commonly understood as financial education and coaching, although it involves other aspects such as goal setting, time management, support group, etc. Brother Ben’s experiences and education in Christian stewardship provide powerful lessons to improve the ability to make sound, educated decisions for a better quality of life.

While our mission and purpose is to help people in highly stressed situations without giving them an added financial burden for our services, we understand that this work produces costs as simple as keeping a phone number active. To fund this work, we will implement our real estate investing knowledge, entrepreneurial experiences, and life, and accident and health insurance license to market our financial education products, business broker/bookkeeping/consulting services, and residential redevelopment work to people with those specific needs, since the operating costs for these services are extremely low, we use the profits to fund our projects to give back to the community.

The overall structure of our company reflects religious ministries or church organizations (except that we produce profits, instead of soliciting for donations) - we are in the business of helping people in any possible way we can.

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Financial Education Courses

These courses provide my step by step process to improve your financial health. Jesus said that "

You cannot serve God and wealth" (Matthew 6:24, NASB). The love of money is the number one competitor for Love; financial education enables us to love better by empowering us to make better choices for a better quality of life for everyone around us. 

Stewardship 101

Our duty to our Creator is to manage everything in our lives to give glory to our Kingdom - especially everyone of His children (to include ourselves). In the courses we provide here, we cover maintaining and managing our possessions, time, and relationships - all with principles taught and practiced in and from the Bible. 

Financial Planning

“Success is 90% preparation and only 10% perspiration,” is a well-known saying... and our experiences confirm it; accurately or not, there really is no argument that great accomplishments are typically mere moments that so much more training went into the preparations. These course will provide the training that will equip you for a healthy financial future.

What our members are saying

Brother Ben opens your mind to gain a better understanding of the practical messages of the Bible.

Melony Del Rosario - Satisfied Member

Hour Sessions

We offer personal consulting and coaching to put you on the path to a better quality of life.